This is the place where I'm supposed to talk about myself, not exactly my favorite thing to do...but here goes. I have been an avid painter at times, in acrylics and encaustics, with an arts career spanning 1980 to the present. My interests range through architectural art glass, modern dance, interior design and graphic arts. Many of my recent paintings are what could be called "atmospheric art", that is to say, works without central focusing elements. This calls on the viewer to move into the field or atmosphere of the piece. These pieces usually have many layers of paint and medium that results in variable responses to changing light and angle.

Moving to Sequim, WA in 2009 I became clinically depressed. Winter in the Pacific NW can be...well, depressing. My therapist said, "Do something with color everyday." So, I found a local art therapist who became mentor and friend. She got me going with pastels. Using soft pastels became a core practice to fend off depression and to open emotional channels. Something got loosened up. I've wound up with a big pile of works; acrylics,encaustic, and pastels. 

As a painter, I must feel life, the bodily tactile sense of being alive, in order to bring out a painting. For me, it’s process and product, with a strong emphasis on process. Before I begin painting I may not feel much of anything, and then I just spread some color. From that simple action there often follows a sense where to go next, or maybe not and I continue to just move the paint. Keep going with an open and shifting awareness; inner…outer…posture…breathe…mood/attitude. Through the body, into the eyes, back into the body. In this way, I’ve developed a practiced freedom of expression and sensitivity.

For inspiration, YouTube is wonderful. I love to watch videos of painters, as they paint, some speeded up and set to music. It feels intimate and personal to watch someone in his or her process, from 6 y.o. Aelita Andre to 80 y.o. Doreen McNeill, there is joy and freedom of experimentation. Doreen uses a mirror on her ceiling! A few of my favorites are Jonas Gerard, John Beckley, Karen Hale, and Michael Lang, and MANY others.

I'm a semiretired psychotherapist and I love to work with other artists. 

For more information on Terrance's work or to arrange for psychotherapy sessions,  feel free to get in touch.

Meditation practice is an important component  of every day. That began back 30+ years ago with lots of intensive silent retreats.  It's also important that I teach "mindfulness" meditation in the style I was taught, from Burmese and Thai traditions. Sitting meditation can be a rocket-booster for creative expression.

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