We paint and...

we talk to others... Talk Therapy, mentoring, or just sharing with fellow travelers. I'm a licensed psychotherapist in Washington and California. I like to talk about relationship stuff; marital, friends, work or school related, and the value of creative expression. Let's try some mindfulness practices and a little self-inquiry. This might really help with the important relationships in our lives.

Zoom is working well for me.

Terrance Wolf                                                 650 743-6251                                                 Sequim, WA

Dharma Therapy...

involves silent meditation, active inquiry and guided contemplation. These are the core practices for mindfulness-based psychotherapy. As a licensed therapist I like to offer services on a flexible fee basis. The Dharma component comes from 35 years of practice. It's been a very interesting path. 

This work is suitable for individuals, couples or work teams. All confidential sessions are offered in person or via phone or Zoom.

Psychotherapy is a spiritual practice that has much overlap with Buddhism. I want to offer therapy to people who have a meditation practice and to those who are beginning meditation. Sessions will be seasoned with Buddhist teachings where appropriate. 

Offering psychotherapy to the meditation community in a safe and compassionate space. 

What are we really doing here?

Much of the work that I would like to do with you involves contacting difficult and painful emotional content without defense and for a purpose other than psychological relief.

I have an active meditation practice that has been aided by many intensive silent retreats.  I teach "mindfulness" meditation in the style I was taught, from Burmese and Thai traditions. Sitting meditation is enormously important and a rocket-booster for creative expression. 

Where is the life?

As a painter, I must feel life, the bodily tactile sense of being alive, in order to bring out a painting. For me, it’s process and product, with a strong emphasis on process. Before I begin painting I may not feel much of anything. So, I just spread some color. From that simple action there often follows a sense of where to go next, or maybe not and I continue to just move the paint. Keep going with an open and shifting awareness; inner…outer…posture…breathe…mood/attitude. Through the body, into the eyes, back into the body. In this way, we develop a practiced freedom of expression and sensitivity.

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